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Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture is a form of inserting needles into specific points on the skin. It has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is has been a proven method for healing many conditions like migraine, headaches, back pain and many other problems.

Acupuncture is aimed at balancing all the functions within the body and thus initiating self-healing. Acupuncture treatments alongside Traditional Chinese Medicine has grown very popular in treating infertility in Melbourne. Whether combining with IVF or achieving pregnancy naturally, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has shown to be effective in treating infertility.

At our clinic, both Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine services are available to meet your health needs. Whether your health concerns are digestive, gynaecological, skin related, stress or anxiety, chronic infections, allergies, infertility and so on, we are able to tailor a treatment to help you.

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