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About Us

About Us

Dr. Jing Jing Yu

  • Dr. Jing Jing Yu graduated from RMIT University with Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Chinese Medicine & Human Biology).

  • Completed internships at RMIT Chinese Medicine clinic and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China.

  • Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

  • Member of Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia (FCMA).

  • Background
    Jing Jing was brought up by her mother, who is also a Chinese Medicine Doctor. Since a young age, she has grasped much of the theories, diagnostics and has incorporated them into a way of life for her.

    How do you set out to improve and significantly change people’s health? How do you aim and reach for success with your treatments even for long term sufferers with complex health issues?

    Successful results stem from the correct diagnosis, from answers, from searching within and looking beneath the surface. It comes from understanding the patient’s health - physically, mentally and emotionally. The understanding needed should be beyond the obvious complaints that they are experiencing, it is about understanding on a deeper level. It’s about acknowledging the scars that the past history has left on the health now. It’s about resolving current issues as well as preventing future problems.

    Successful treatments come from treating the source or the origin of the illness, benefitting the whole body in general. It is not about targeting one area alone because the body works in unison and not as separate entities. This is the reason why I’ve had so many successes with individuals suffering from just a few symptoms to sufferers of multiple complex issues. The aim is a simultaneous improvement because the whole body is corrected, restored and strengthened.

    Another necessary factor to achieving successful results is to create a comfortable, understanding environment in the clinic and to hold clear, open and honest discussions with all patients.

    What inspired you to practice Chinese Medicine?

    Throughout my youth, I realised just how much the Australian society needed to experience the vast benefits of Chinese Medicine simply because there are so many illnesses that conventional medicine fail to explain and treat.

    During my childhood, I was afflicted with many illnesses that were resolved by Chinese Medicine so I’ve experienced firsthand, the remarkable positive changes that it can bring to lives.

    Growing up with my mother, who is also a Chinese Medicine Doctor, allowed me to further witness the successful results Chinese Medicine brought to people. Throughout my life, valuable knowledge has been passed down from her and at a young age, I had adopted the understanding, philosophy, diagnostics and even administration of Chinese Medicine.

    For those reasons, my interest in this field grew strongly throughout my youth and therefore I have made the commitment since then to help others who are struggling with their health.

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