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How many treatments will I need?

Treatment length depends on several factors such as: how long the condition has been suffered, how severe it is, your age, lifestyle, past history and family history all have an impact.

Generally speaking, the longer, the more severe and debilitating the condition is, the longer it may take to treat however this is only a very general rule and in our clinic, there have been many cases that defy this rule.

Treatment targets the root cause of your illness. Many of our patients feel that as one symptom starts to improve so do most of the other symptoms they have been experiencing. This is what happens when the origin of the problem is being fixed. There can be many branches to one tree but only one root. The many branches represent the different symptoms and signs but the cause is as one. Therefore, treatment length also depends on how severe this root cause is.

What are the fees?

Medicine costs do depend on what type of herbal medicine is purchased and the amount. Consultations alone are free of charge, there is no obligation to start treatment or purchase any medicine. Consultations are to inform you, to advise you and to help you. You have nothing to lose but all to gain.

Are rebates available from my health insurance provider?

Health insurance rebates are available as Chinese Medicine is now covered with most private health insurances. Please check with your health insurer on the service they cover and on your level of coverage. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I take Chinese herbal medicine and what is it comprised of?

At the end of a consultation, you will be given herbal medicine either in a pill or tablet form which is derived from herbal medicine powders compressed to make into its final form. The pills or tablets can be taken with water. Chinese herbal medicine is mainly derived from all parts of plants such as the root, stem, leaf and flower.

What if I’m taking pharmaceutical medication at the moment?

It’s important to notify us about medicines you are taking. Most of the time, conventional medicine and Chinese Medicine work well together.

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